ChariTEES® is a tee shirt printer with a purpose. For almost 30 years we have worked with nonprofits, foundations, schools, booster clubs, and socially conscious corporations for their volume custom tee shirt and embroidery needs. Our products are used for charity and school fundraising events, charity walk and runs, school booster club programs, promotions at conferences, family reunions,golf tournaments and school and team uniforms. We price our goods and services to give an optimum return to our customers so they can further raise donor awareness and donations for their cause.

We are equally pleased to introduce ChariTEES CROWD . We now offer non-profits a retail online store to raise additional donations by selling a fashion tee. Please visit ChariTEES CROWD for complete details.

ChariTEES® is proud of what we do and are grateful for our customer’s continued support. If you are one of our valued customers we thank you.

If you are not yet part of our family please join us.