What we do….

The OverRuns™ Project by ChariTEES® partners with manufacturers and suppliers in the promotional product industry who have excess misprinted, discontinued, cancelled or returned products that they are willing to donate to charity.These “OverRuns” can be any type of apparel, blankets, towels, backpacks, toiletries, or any other item that can be used by a charity.

How we do it…

We reach out to our network of potential donors in our industry and ask them if they wish to donate their OverRuns.If donations become available we then request a list of the items and approximate quantities. We contact our 501c3 charity partner at GivenKind.org who will then call the donor and arrange pickup.Since the donations are tax deductible, official IRS letters for tax purposes are sent directly to the donor from GiveNKind. When we can,  ChariTEES® will help pay for any freight charges from the donor company to the charity.

Please help us make this project a success by contacting Jeff Firestone, CEO and Founder of ChariTEES at jeff@charitees.org . You may also call or text him at 561.542.4616.

Please also visit GiveNKind.org for information on what they do and who they help.

Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey Firestone, Founder