The OverRuns™ Project by ChariTEES® partners with manufacturers and suppliers in the promotional product industry who have excess misprinted, discontinued, canceled or returned products that they are willing to donate to charity.These “OverRuns” can be any type of apparel, blankets, towels, backpacks, toiletries, or item that can be used by a charity to help others.

All the donations are shipped directly to the charity from the supplier. We facilitate the donation to the appropriate charity and if necessary help absorb any freight costs. At the request of the supplier the charity will send an official letter of donation for their tax purposes.

Our charity partners include our friends at Convoy of Hope at, The National Coalition for the Homeless at and others. Please join us!
Please help us make this project a success by emailing or contacting Jeff Firestone, CEO and Founder by phone or text 561.542.4616.

Together, let’s “redistribute the good” at the OverRuns Project™.