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To our existing 501C3 clients we offer a free platform to sell and market their own tee shirt design to their donors. On your behalf we will handle the printing,fulfillment,shipping to your individual donors and payment portal .

The FAQ’s

1. There are NO upfront fees, NO contract,, NO order minimums,NO campaign time limit.

2. You choose the blank shirt for the project and submit your art. Once we have this information we will then give you pricing that includes First class postage to your donors anywhere in the USA.

3. We recommend a donation price of no more than $25. (including shipping). Your organization receives the difference between the $25 and the price we have quoted you.

4. At no cost we design your very own landing page for sales purposes. We give you a link to use to promote to all your supporters.

5. Marketing to your donors is YOUR responsibility and from experience this what makes or breaks the success of your campaign!

6. We use Paypal as our payment portal as they offer the best buyer protection service for your donors.

7. On a weekly basis, you will receive copies of all Paypal transactions and based on sales we will send you your portion of the proceeds on a bi-monthly basis.

8. Donors receive their shirts within 7-10 days; much faster than other crowdfunding programs!

9. Since this is a fundraising program NO returns are permitted. If there is a problem with the quality or someone does not receive their shirt we, of course, stand behind our products and services.

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Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
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