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What Is ChariTEES ® CROWD

We are an online tee shirt fundraising sales platform available to registered non-profits .

Who is eligible?

Any non profit with a current and favorable 501c3 status from the IRS and who wants to raise donations
and awareness selling tee shirts!

How much does it cost to participate?

For any of our current non profit clients with purchases of $250 or more in annual sales this service is free. If you are new to ChariTEES ® and have yet to buy from us we encourage you to do so otherwise there is a one time setup fee of $100 that will be deducted from any donations due you from your tee shirt sales. This reduced fee covers landing page development, web hosting fees, and for film and screen charges associated with printing your shirts that are sold on your page.

How does it work?

1. You decide on the shirt and selling price but we suggest $25 for a shirt; inclusive of shipping.

2. For the first 3 months you can display up to two different items with one logo. If there is a positive sales trend we can then add more items to your sales page.

3. You will send us your art and mission statement to create your landing page..

4. You will receive your own link to place on your social media outlets. The success of this program is how often you go on your social media platforms promoting this fundraiser.

5. Payments: The following is how your sales are handled:
a. We use Paypal for order processing, shipping and for your donor’s protection.
b..When orders come in we send you copies of all orders and a weekly accounting of money due your organization.
c.We send you bi-monthly any funds due you less the predetermined agreed cost of the shirts.
d. If you are a new client we will deduct the $100. Fee from the first amount due you.
e. You have the option to receive money through your own pay portal and we will bill you weekly for the shirts and services.

6. Weekly, we will send you copies of all orders that we have been received.

7. We do all the printing and shipping to your donors. All you do is promote the program!

8. We pre-print your shirts and keep your inventory so we can ship your shirts immediately; usually 2-7 days after orders have been received.

9. Bi-monthly we send you a check for the difference between the predetermined cost of the shirts and the selling price.

10. At the end of the campaign (when you decide to end it) you are obligated to take up to 36 shirts at a reduced price that we have printed and keep in our inventory on your behalf.

11. There are NO upfront fees, NO contract, NO order minimums,NO campaign time limit.

12. Since this is a fundraising program NO returns are permitted. If there is a problem with the quality or someone does not receive their shirt we, of course, stand behind our products and services.

More questions? Concerns? Please CONTACT us and our CEO will call you to discuss this program.

The Fundraising-T-Shirts-Logo-White (2) pledge!

Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.