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What Is ChariTEES ® CROWD

It’s your organization’s very own online store selling your custom designed tee shirts. We print and ship directly to your supporters. We take all the hassle out of running your own store.

How much does it cost to participate?

For our existing clients his online store program is FREE.There are NO upfront fees, NO contracts, NO order minimums and NO campaign time limit. Come Join us!! Once you purchase a product from us at our special 501c3 pricing you are eligible to participate in this program.

How does it work?

  1. We give your organization a functioning landing page with your chosen graphic, mission statement and one shirt designed by you.
  2. We then send you a backlink for your marketing purposes on all your social media. We do not promote sales for you. This is the responsibility of your team to get the word out and the success of this program is based on your activity on social media.
  3. Shirts are priced to your donors at $25 that includes FREE shipping & handling donated by ChariTEES®. Once you decide on a blank and the art to be printed we will advise the cost of the shirt. You keep the difference between this cost and the $25.
  4. We use Paypal secure checkout.for order processing, shipping and for your donor’s protection. Weekly we will send a copy of each transaction to your office.
  5. Shirts are shipped to your donors within 7-14 days after their purchase. Since this is a charity fundraiser so NO returns are permitted.
  6. You may end the campaign at your discretion but if there are any shirts left in your inventory we will ship them to you at a reduced cost.

Please CONTACT US for more details or call us at 866.764.9522

The Fundraising-T-Shirts-Logo-White (2) pledge!

Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.