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Join the CHARITEES-LOGO_rev1 Crowd! 

ChariTEES® offers non-profits their very own crowdfunding store to sell fashion tee shirts to their donors.  There are NO upfront costs, NO minimum requirements, and NO time limits! We offer a large variety of blanks for you to choose from We ship to your donors promptly; not having to wait for your campaign to end.


What is Fundraising-T-Shirts-Logo-White (2) Crowd?

It is an “end to end” crowdfunding program that helps nonprofits raise money with their very own tees shirts. We print your design on a blank shirt that you choose and ship directly to your donors!. We help promote your cause and sale on our CROWD partner page and send you a backlink URL to post on your website and all your other social media platforms. This link will go to your personalized sales page. To encourage as many sales as possible please remember to have your staff and friends promote the program via all your media outlets.

Are there any fees?

There is NO UPFRONT FEES,NO CONTRACT, NO MINIMUM or NO time limit for your campaign.

How Much Does My Organization Receive?

Once you send us your art and you choose the blank shirt we give you a total cost that includes all fees and services INCLUDING postage to your donors anywhere in the USA. You keep the difference between this cost and your selling price. We recommend a selling price of $25 for a tee shirt that includes postage.
Sales go directly to our Paypal portal and you will receive a copy of every transaction. We will send you the difference every two weeks via Paypal.Alternatively we can just bill you for the shirts we print and ship on your behalf.

Who chooses the products to be sold?

You do! Send us your design and choose from our extensive line of blanks. Send us your mission statement and banner graphic and we will do the rest! International shipments? Sorry these extra costs discourage us from shipping overseas for now.

Can we choose other products?

Yes. Up to a maximum of 4 items. Hoodies are popular as well as embroidered polos and hats but tee shirts are our focus affording you the most donations!

How Soon Do our donors receive their shirts?

Usually from 48 hours to 7 days; depending if we use DTG or manual printing.

Return & Cancellation Policy

Since this is a charity program, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges on your behalf. Your sales page will have a sizing chart so that all buyers can confirm their sizing. If the item does not fit please have your donors give the item to a family member or friend.If a donor does not receive product or it arrives damaged we will certainly send another.

Can we buy in larger quantities?

Of course! Email us at with your specific needs so we can set up a time to chat and offer you nonprofit wholesale pricing!

Anything else?

To expedite all orders we take an inventory position on your behalf. This cuts down the time it takes for your donors to receive their product. We ask that if and when you choose to end the campaign that you will please take any remaining items held in our stock (up to a maximum of 36 shirts) at a reduced cost price. Is this mandatory? No, but we ask that you take these products for any other events or programs that you may be considering.

Further questions?

Please fill out our contact form, and we will reply within the same business day!

Join the CROWD!

The Fundraising-T-Shirts-Logo-White (2) pledge!

Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.