Fundraising Opportuni”TEES” by ChariTEES ®

We offer the 501c3 community, schools, service clubs,religious groups,camps and socially conscious corporations the opportuni”Tee” to have their very own tee shirt fundraising store. We also have special programs for influencers, sports figures and celebrities with a large social media following that want to help their favorite cause and appreciate our services that includes graphic assistance, printing and shipping of your product directly to your donors.

The success of your fundraiser is based on how actively you promote this initiative on all your social media platforms.

Nice! How much does it cost?

At ChariTEES ® there are NO contracts, NO setup NO monthly fees and NO campaign time limits.

How Does it work and how much can we make?

After working together to create your design, post your shirt on your social media platforms or opt to add it to our website.

With a suggested donation price of $25 with FREE shipping we will ship shirts immediately upon receipt of your orders. For this “at once”shipping option your organization makes $10 . per shirt. ( $8.50 on 2X). Increase your profit margin to $12 . ($10.50 for 2X) by sending us names, addresses and sizes AFTER you end your campaign and we will then ship to your donors in approximately 14 days. The minimum printing order is 48 units.

We also give you the finance option to use our secure PayPapal payment portal and we handle all payments. We send you the agreed profit on a bi-monthly basis.

Great! Where Do I sign Up?

Each campaign is uniquely different and requires a conversation.

Please CONTACT US for more details or call us at 866.764.9522

ChariTEES ® has been doing good things with tee shirts since 1998.

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Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.