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Welcome to the TradeUP! scholarship program. We are honored to be in an educational partnership with Palm Beach State College and their Foundation. 

Together we will initially offer a one year certificate and 2 year degree scholarship to students from Florida and for the very first time to Caribbean students who reside in their respective countries and can earn their degree 100% online!

Initially the curriculum will be in the fields of tourism, hospitality, and event management.  The tourism and hospitality industry is critical to the financial health and growth of both the Florida and Caribbean economies and TradeUP! will take a leading role in creating an educational pathway for students to have a future in these important industries.

An integral part of the success of this initiative will be to help students find internships, future employment and to assist our corporate sponsors find valuable employees to complement and join their workforce.

We also envision TradeUP! becoming a corporate sponsored employee incentive program. Corporations can now offer their current employees an opportunity to expand their horizons and earn an online degree at Palm Beach State College. As TradeUP! grows, we hope to invite students from around the world attend Palm Beach State College.

Initial funding will come from the corporate profits of my companies, The Firestone Group and but we need the support and donations from the travel and hospitality industry, corporate foundations and the Caribbean diaspora who believe in our mission to give back to the community through trade school education. All donations are tax deductible and are to be sent only to The Palm Beach State Foundation (EIN 59-1818556) for the TradeUP! Fund.

We wish to welcome and  thank our first corporate sponsor, Mr. Bill Panoff of Porthole Cruise and Travel for his support and invaluable introductions to the cruise and travel industry. We invite other leaders and corporations to join us and to help us help educate as many  graduating students find a career in tourism and hospitality.

For further information please email  We can also chat at 561.542.4616

Sincerely yours,
Jeffrey Firestone-CEO & Founder
The Firestone Group Inc.
The TradeUP! Fund