We have chosen BOXED WATER IS BETTER as our exclusive supplier of purified water for charity walks, runs and events that helps the environment at the same time! 

What a great way to engage a new sponsor for your event by donating the funds for the water.

Call us for special pricing that will include free freight to your event, free tee shirts and a banner from ChariTEES that will feature your sponsor’s logo, your organization and the logo of Boxed Water.

We will even send cardboard recycling box dump displays for the empty boxes of water!

BOXED WATER IS BETTER  than plastic!

  • 64% lower carbon footprint (that’s lower global warming!)
  • 43% less fossil fuel use
  • 1,084% lower impact on our ozone

BOXED WATER IS BETTER  than aluminum!

  • 50% lower impact on ozone depletion & smog emissions
  • 33% lower impact on acidification due to deforestation
  • Due to smelting 120 million tons of bauxite waste is produced annually.

BOXED WATER IS BETTER is better for you!

Our water is 100% purified water, with no minerals added. Many bottled waters include dissolvable solids, salt, Sodium Phosphate, etc. Not us!


Our mission is not only to provide a sustainable option to single-use plastic water bottles at your events, but to be a part of the solution.


How many sizes are available?

  • We offer 250 ml (24pk)(8.45 oz) with 96 cases per pallet-24 to a case
  • 500 ml (24 pk) (16.9 oz) with 60 cases per pallet-24 to case
  • 1 liter (12 pk) (33.8 oz) with 60 cases per pallet-12 to a case

What type of water is it?

100% Purified from facilities in Michigan

What is the shelf life of the water?

2 years

What is the minimum order?

2 pallets

Will you assort the pallets?

Yes ! A special incentive for our  ChariTEES non-profits!

Questions? Concerns?

Please email or call us at 866-764-9522 for pricing.