Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as Dyspraxia, is a neurodevelopmental condition that makes it hard to learn motor skills and coordination. It does not affect intelligence, but it can make learning more challenging compared to peers.

Although it’s almost as common as ADHD and more common than Autism, Dyspraxia/DCD is not well known to most Americans, including teachers and healthcare professionals. Many people who struggle with this lifelong condition never receive a diagnosis or are misdiagnosed; as a result, they often feel misunderstood and don’t receive appropriate support to help them reach their full potential. Early diagnosis and support at home, school, and work can make a vital difference in quality of life.

Dyspraxia DCD America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and providing resources and information to families, individuals, teachers, and healthcare professionals.


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