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ChariTEES® offers non-profits there very own crowd funding store to sell fashion tee shirts to their donors.  There are NO upfront costs, NO minimum requirements, and NO time limits! We offer a large variety of blanks for you to choose from We ship to your donors promptly; not having to wait for your campaign to end.

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What is ChariTEES Crowd?

We want nonprofits to have an opportunity to sell a quality and fashion product to their donors. When most of us think of a charity shirt, we think of an ordinary shirt with bold logo and sponsors on the back. These are great and certainly serve their purpose, but ChariTEES also wants to offer their nonprofit customers the opportunity to sell a fashion garment that further promotes their cause when donors are out and about with friends and family.

Who chooses the products to be sold?

You do. We direct you to some different sources for quality blanks, and you advise of your selection. Other crowdfunding companies limit you in a selection of blanks. We do not. We will give you links to different fashion teeshirt companies. You decide and advise us!

How many different items can we choose to sell?

We ask for a maximum of three styles in up to three colors but in all sizes.

What Can we print or embroider?

You supply us with your logo/ artwork. We will send you a digital proof on the blank(s) you have chosen.There is no restriction.We offer in house screen printing, direct to garment printing, and embroidery.

Who decides the Selling price?

Your organization will tell us the pricing for each item to be sold. We recommend $20-$25 for a tee shirt in sizes small-XL and $27 for 2 and 3X shirts, but this, of course, is determined by the cost which is usually different based on the blank product you choose.Embroidered pricing is higher, and we will guide you once you determine what embroidered product you wish to sell

How Much can my organization make?

After you advise us of the blank(s) you wish to use and the art to be printed or embroidered we will give you a cost that includes all handling and USPS first class mail fees anywhere in the USA. Your organization makes the difference between this cost and the selling price.

How and when does my organization get paid?

You have two options. Your organization can take payment from your donor buyers, send us the order, we fulfill and ship and we bill you every 15 days based on our quote to you. Alternatively using Paypal and or Square we receive payment, notify you of the sale, and send you a check every two weeks for the difference between the agreed cost and your selling price.

Do the buyers pay for postage and handling?

NO. The price they pay includes the item, handling, and shipping fees.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but we must add additional handling and postage fees to each item once it is determined the country we will be shipping to.

How do we promote our products and these sales?

ChariTEES will create a one-page web page illustrating the product. You will supply us with text.Our team will create this page to your artistic specifications. You approve this page before it is launched. We will designate a backlink your charity name.We also suggest you put this link and page on your website and also link to any other crowdfunding program or site you are using to promote your cause. Bottom line? The more product you sell, the more money your organization makes.

Is there any limit of time for my campaign?

No…. you can keep your campaign going as long as you wish and change product based on season or fashion color!

How much does this web page cost?

It is free to all non-profits who are currently our wholesale (bulk) customers and buy a minimum of $500. per year of product.
If you are new to ChariTees you can still take advantage of our CROWD services!
There is a one time discounted fee of $100 to cover some of our costs to create your free sales page and this amount will be deducted from the charity proceeds due your organization.
When you become a wholesale client buying over $500. worth of assorted product over the course of a year we will refund this amount to you by making a donation to your organization.

How fast do you ship my shirt to my donor?

We print inventory after you approve your virtual sample and the free webpage we give you. We will ship within 7-10 days after you give us the go-ahead!

Are there any other fees?

No. All fees are included in our quote to your organization. Remember this quote INCLUDES all shipping and handling fees to your donors!

Do you require any minimum sales or contracts?

There is no required contract, no sales requirement, and no limit on time to sell your product but we ask all our CROWD partners that if there has been no sales activities after 60 days of the launch your organization buys any remaining inventory (but not to exceed 36 units) at a discounted price.

Are returns and disputes allowed by our donors who buy the product?

This is a charity fundraiser. We will not accept any claims unless your donors do not receive product or it arrived damaged. Every item on your web page will have a complete description of the product and size chart. If for some reason the item does not fit there will be no returns or exchanges. Let your donors give the item to a family member or friend.

What do we as a non-profit have to do?

Simple. Promote this cause-related marketing program via all your social media outlets. ChariTEES will not do this for you. You will be required to send us a release allowing us to print your art as supplied, use your organization name on our website. We also encourage you to ask your donors to consider ChariTEES as a resource for their product needs. Many donors have their own companies and can use our products and services. We are happy to make a donation to your cause for any referrals that buy from us and mention your organization’s name!

Can we buy in large quantities?

Certainly! This is how ChariTEES began selling in bulk quantity for walks, runs, events, camps, reunions, school fundraisers, etc.
Our minimums are low; starting from 12 units and up (depending on the number of colors and location of your art)

Do you have references?

References are available upon request. We have been doing good things with tee shirts since 1998!

Further questions?

Please fill out our contact form, and we will reply within the same business day

The ChariTEES® pledge!

Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.