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ChariTEES® offers non-profits there very own crowd funding store to sell fashion tee shirts to their donors.  There are NO upfront costs, NO minimum requirements, and NO time limits! We offer a large variety of blanks for you to choose from We ship to your donors promptly; not having to wait for your campaign to end.

Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.

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What is ChariTEES Crowd?

It is a simple crowdfunding program for nonprofits raising money with custom printed tees shirts. There is NO FEE,NO CONTRACT, NO MINIMUM or NO time limit for your campaign. We will ship to your donors within 2 weeks after your program begins.

Who chooses the products to be sold? How is it sold?

You do from our extensive line of blanks.Send us your mission statement and banner graphic and we will launch a one page sell sheet at NO charge to you.You will be given a backlink on our site so you can promote this fundraiser on all your social media pages.Remember the more you promote the more you sell! International shipments? Sorry these extra costs discourage us from shipping overseas for now.

How Much can my organization make per shirt?

Once you determine the blank and the art we will give you a final price that includes USPS First class mail to your buyers. YOU keep the difference between this cost and the suggested Tshirt retail price of $25. Sales go via our Paypal portal. We will send you this difference every two weeks via Paypal or as mutually agreed based on volume of sales.

Return & Cancellation Policy

Sorry, as a charity fundraiser , we cannot accept any returns or exchanges unless donors do not receive product or it arrives damaged. Your sales page will have a sizing chart. If the item does not fit please have your donors give the item to a family member or friend. If you choose to end the campaign we ask you pay for any existing inventory we have kept in stock for your organization( up to 36 units in assorted sizes).

Can we buy in larger quantities?

Of course email us at with your specific questions!.

Further questions?

Please fill out our contact form, and we will reply within the same business day

The ChariTEES® pledge!

Show us any competitive bid for any fundraising or booster program and we will gladly match it!
Please contact us for full details on this exciting new program.