Free T Shirts for Nonprofits

When you are running your nonprofit charity, you shouldn’t have to worry about every detail about fundraising. The nerves are enough to break anyone down into tears.A2415VarsityMens But here at charitees, we like to make it extremely easy with our Causewear Fundraising. Design, Market, and Profit are the three easy steps that lead to your nonprofit receiving our free t shirts.

Steps to Free T Shirts for Nonprofits

Design – The first step in any business venture. We want you to come up with your design and then polish it and send it to us. From here we will take your design and send you a free sample for you to verify size and quality. Once you approve the shirt and quality, we will begin production and place it on our marketplace.

Marketplace – Once your shirt is on the market, you will be able to advertise the shirt however you want. Facebook, Google+ and your website are the most popular ways of advertising your shirt. Your shirt will also be advertised on Charitees site, so if people who are not in your social circle are on our site, they could potentially purchase your design as well. Then when the customer is ready to purchase the shirt, it links back to our website where they buy the shirt for the price that you set.

Profit – We will bill you at thecontact_charitees end of each month for the cost of shirt production. The difference in price to the cost of production will be your net profit. Also, if any customers begin to use our site to you, we will give you a 5% “donor referral fee.”


If any part of this becomes confusing or overwhelming do not worry at all, Charitees is with you every step of the way. Our services will be available to you from the first step till the last step. We are always able to be reached, for a quote or even for a casual conversation. By dialing (561) 542-4616, you will be put into contact with one of our Chariteem members.