Purchase Fundraising T-shirts Online

Fundraising T-shirts can be the difference between a successful and a failed campaign. causewearThere are a lot of channels to go through to find that perfect brand that matches with you. For Charitees ©, we believe that the most convenient way for you to find your product is if you purchase fundraising t-shirts online. By putting the power back in your hands, you can design and decide for yourself in your way. Why would you want to go down to an office and meet with someone when you can make the decision yourself on your own time.

Fundraising T-shirts Printing

Our catalog offers a full range of t-shirt designs. All of the designs can be customized through the shop allowing you to personalize the product as you see fit. We offer a full range of colors and designs that are custom crafted and exclusive to our listings. As much as it detracts from the message when a group of people comes together, and they’re wearing different clothes and different materials, it promotes the wrong message. But by using Charitees © you can make your group a team.

At Charitees ©, we offer a full range of services to help you and your non-profit succeed. All of our shirts are qualified with a 100% cotton certification. Our Cause war Fundraising initiative is the best way to help charities and non-profits feel unified. By all wearing the same uniform and the same graphic, it shows that your cause is worth uniting for.

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NonProfit Tshirts

Charitees © has one goal in mind, to offer high-quality screen printing for non-profits and charities. It is the center point of who we are as a company. By offering the special 501C3 pricing, we can increase donations and awareness by using our products and help promote the cause that is worth fighting for.

We are always able to be reached, for a quote or even for a casual conversation. By dialing (561) 542-4616, you will be put into contact with one of our Chariteem members.