Charity T-Shirts

People love free stuff and people especially love free t-shirts. Since T-shirts are so popular, your organization or whichever movement you are trying to get to the public would be remiss if you didn’t include T-shirts. Creating t-shirts such as charity t-shirts, fundraising t-shirts, and non-profit T-shirts can be vital to your campaign for so many reasons but mostly because t-shirts easily set you apart and make your campaign much more memorable.

Using Fundraising T-shirts

When you have a fundraiser, consider using T-shirts are a selling point. For example, imagine you are raising a fundraiser to help raise money for a local children’s sports team. If you provide T-shirts in exchange for donations, the recipient of that shirt will always have that fundraising t-shirt with that logo on it. Use that opportunity to inform all of your supporters of the games, tell them to come with their shirt and watch the games. Your supporters will feel invested now and with their shirt come to the games and see for themselves how their support helped the community. Suddenly that fundraising t-shirt went a whole lot farther that you could imagine especially if you can get whole groups of people who wear the shirts and come to the events.

Using Charity T-shirts

For charity events, using charity t-shirts is such an opportunity. At your event, give away your charity t-shirts as raffle prizes or prizes in games. Use Charitees to create custom charity t-shirts that are gorgeous to appeal your supporters. Create a few beautiful t-shirts with your logo on it and use them as prizes for your event. The fewer the t-shirts you have and more fun the game is, you will get supports excited and become more invested in your charity.

Using Non-Profit T-shirts

Non-profit t-shirts can be used for events such as outing, protests, or fundraising as well. To help your staff more united, consider creating your non-profit for them. This can boost morale and help foster the feelings of friendships and teamwork. Gorgeous non-profit t-shirts can also create pride for your non-profit. It also has the added benefit for the public to see your shirts as associate your work with that particular non-profit t-shirts.

Charitees whatever design you choose, we have the perfect shirts for you. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the T-shirt industry, and we love providing our clients with amazing results. Give us a call so we can let you know how we can help!