At Charitees, screen printing is one the services that we offer our clients. What is screen printing exactly? Are there other forms of printing out there? The two primary forms of printing are screen printing and digital printing. The two are very different with digital printing being the newer process. The differences do not just stop there.

Screen Printing

In screen printing, a stencil, or “screen”, is created, and then used to apply multiple layers of ink onto the printing surface. Each of the different colors is applied using different stencils, one at a time; all combined to achieve the final results.

Digital Printing

As stated before, digital printing is the newer of the two processes. It involves a computer processing your artwork and then that artwork being printed right onto the surface of your particular product. Digital printing does not use heat to transfer the image; the ink directly bonds to the fabric of the shirt.

Benefits of Screen Printing

Each of these prints has their own set of different benefits, though. Screen printing is usually the best option when you have designs that need to be printed on dark shirts, have a high level of vibrancy, or different specialty products. The application of ink in the screen print process is thicker than it is in digital printing, resulting in brighter colors even when printed on darker shirts.

Screen prints are done by hand, which allows for printing on unique products like mugs, koozies, and bottles. The printer can handle uneven or curved surfaces manually, giving it the ability to print on those unique items. Usually, there is a minimum order quantity with screen printed items because of the additional labor times and extra materials involved in the screen printing method.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital printing is best when you need prints in high amounts of detail and smaller quantity orders. Because digital printing does not use screens to print, it allows for a photographic print, giving it a lot more detail than the traditional screen prints. In digital printing, the ink is applied thinner to get the most detail out of the print, making it the ideal printing method used on lighter colored shirts, allowing the design to shine through. With digital printing, you can order one print since there is no need for physical setup or screens.

Call Charitees for your Screen Printing Needs

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